From the Professional NFL gridiron to the High School classroom- Tales of LIFE. Guest- Michael Stewart, 9 year NFL Veteran


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Todays Guest is Michael Stewart who is a former American football safety who played seven seasons in the National Football League for the Los Angeles Rams. He then played three seasons for the Miami Dolphins.
Three times Stewart was drafted in baseball but he finally opted for pro football after an outstanding career with the Fresno State U., Bulldogs. The Rams, who have been less than astute with their higher draft picks, did themselves proud in grabbing Stewart as an eighth-rounder in 1987. Although a linebacker and pass rusher at BC, Stewart was converted to safety by Fresno coach Jim Sweeney and in that role, has established himself as a fast, hard hitter for the Rams, with aggressiveness that spills over to special team.
We talk about Life, football and what it is like going back to his roots and teaching at the HighSchool where it all started! What a wonderful conversation from a Truly Great Man

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