Jess O'Connell: Online Course Creator Shares her Successful 47K Launch


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Jess O’Connell: Network Marketer, Online Course Creator, Entrepreneur, and Creator of the Aligned Launch Formula

Today my special guest is Jess O’Connell. Jess started her business after her husband lost his job in 2018 and they went on government assistance. Her first launch generated $1500 in revenue, the proof she needed to give it her full attention. She made a commitment to herself, she would no longer let anyone else be in control of her future. With a background in network marketing, teaching other people how to sell their network marketing business became her core offer. She realized that she needed to stop chasing down all the many things they were seeking and just focus on one, which was: How to teach people how to launch their course and scale to a cold audience.

Episode Highlights:

  • She used her rock bottom circumstances as the foundation to rebuild her life, expand her business and take control
  • The measures she took to research the big players and learn what they were doing in their launches to produce seven figure launches
  • How she built her business from 1500K to 10K a month

In this episode, Jess explains how she cracked the code with a 47K launch and an 11% conversion rate, all because she qualified her audience. She shares how to make sure messaging is in alignment with both the top and bottom of the sales funnel. Listen in as she gives great examples of why alignment of the sales funnel is so important.

Want to know her secret formula? Tune into this episode as she explains the 6 phases of alignment.

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