128: How to Plan a Successful Black Friday Promotion with Brittany Long


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Are you thinking of running a Black Friday sales promotion this holiday season? It's a great way to get that much needed influx of cash into your business. In this episode of The Course Creator's MBA Podcast, I chat with Brittany Long with Win With Systems all about planning your Black Friday sales promotion.

If you're thinking of running a Black Friday sales, it's time to starting planning NOW! Listen in for tips on planning your promotion today so you can have a successful Black Friday holiday season.

Specifically, we discuss:

  • When is a good time to start warming up your audience for your upcoming promotion
  • How to plan out your Black Friday sales promotion
  • Should you offer discounts or bonuses (for digital products like online courses or memberships)
  • How to decrease unsubscribes even though you're sending out a lot of campaign emails
  • Ways you can stand out in the crowd when it feels like everyone else is in the inbox

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