Angela Ficken: Teaching Strategies to Manage Stress, Reduce Anxiety, and Set Boundaries


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Today my special guest is Angela Ficken. Angela is a full-time psychotherapist in private practice, specializing in OCD, eating disorders and anxiety related concerns. After listening to her clients explain to her how difficult it was finding an understanding therapist, one who could actually teach coping strategies to manage difficult emotions, she created her first online course. Through email sequencing from her newsletter sent to her clients, she began to create her client list, all while fine-tuning her course, Breaking Everyday into Slivers.

She created a landing page and ran ads on Pinterest, offering a free download on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). This course offered coping strategies for people to reduce stress, manage anxiety and set boundaries. Pre-pandemic her online course was gaining the momentum she needed to reach more people. Then came the pandemic and she was busier than ever, now in the process of launching her membership program.

Tune in to learn more about her entrepreneurial journey and how a full-time psychotherapist created and launched an online course.

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