How to Easily Use Podcasting to Grow Your Business


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How to Easily Use Podcasting to Grow Your Business

Have you been thinking of branching into podcasting as a way to grow your business? Podcasting when done right, is an easy way to grow your business and add value to your clients.

In this episode of the Content Creator podcast, we have Radon Stancil, the owner of Peace of Mind Wealth Management and the host of the Secure Your Retirement podcast. He has found podcasting as a huge way that adds value to his business and his clients.

Listen in to learn how you can use social media marketing to put your podcast out there without having to do all the work.

In this episode find out:

  • Why Radon started doing podcasting and the value it has added to his business.
  • The strategy they used to ensure they had valuable content that answered their clients’ questions.
  • Don’t waste time trying to learn all the podcasting production stuff and instead delegate those tasks.
  • All the elements that make podcasting successful through content repurposing.


  • “Don’t try to figure out how to do all the editing, posting, and all that kind of stuff because that just eats away from what you actually make money at.”- Radon Stancil
  • “If you want everything to look good with your podcast, you need to have somebody who knows what they’re doing.”- Radon Stancil

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