The Chains Of The System Through The Red Pill - Jerome Myers


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Take complete control of your life and learn how to do it with the insights of Jerome Myers in this episode. We’ll shed light on the importance of making your own choices, building wealth, and how to nurture your pure potential without being enslaved and forced by others. If you want to eliminate everything holding you back from success, hop in and listen!
How critical it is to ask for guidance from a seasoned coach
Is it worth staying on the usual path that most people take?
3 abilities that will determine the course of your life
The greatest reward of taking your designed life or career path
Why do your journey and experiences matter?


Jerome is an experienced coach and sought-after thought leader that develops people to help them unleash their potential. He is the founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of Dreamcatchers and The Myers Methods Development Group, LLC, and built a multi-million dollar portfolio following the Myers Methods principles. Further, he is the founder and an instructor at Myers Methods which provides education in multifamily investing and also founded Pow Wow At The Mountaintop mastermind. Despite having a career within Corporate America, building a 20 MM division at a Fortune 550 company, and having to lay off teammates for two years in a row, he exits the matrix and decided to become a real estate entrepreneur. He is the host of both the Dreamcatchers and Multifamily Missteps podcasts.

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