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Knowledge is power when you’re an investor, and Kent Ritter is on the show to guide you on how it can eradicate fears and perceived risks when investing in real estate. We’ll also learn how critical investing education is and hear some stories about closing deals correctly. This episode will be fun, informative, and interesting, so tune in today!
How crucial seeking feedback is in all business and life settings
Is it a good time to invest in real estate?
Reasons why investors worry too much about the current market condition
The purpose of diversifying your investment portfolio
Why you should meticulously check a property before buying it
Ritter on Real Estate Podcast episode with Julie Holly:

Kent is the CEO of Hudson Investing, a multifamily syndication firm. He is a former management consultant, start-up owner, and corporate executive turned full-time real estate investor and operator. He is a multifamily investing meetup founder and also hosts the Ritter on Real Estate Podcast providing education on how to invest the right way. He achieved financial freedom and is now on his mission to empower and teach others to start investing in the multifamily space.

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