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Do you know your Human Design? You might want to after listening. Joining me in this is episode is Human Design coach and money educator, Kelsey Abbott. We are chatting about - you guessed it - human design. Kelsey has a remarkable understanding of this system, as a result, she is able to see magic in someones chart and guide her clients to fulfillment.

Her ability to explain the often complex Human Design system literary rolls off her tongue like she's describing the most amazing meal she's ever had, and why you should try it too! Kelsey seriously knows her stuff and can help lead you to your life purpose, and ultimately bring you joy.

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- In this episode we chat about the different energy types, and other variables, like where in the body you might feel and experience messages that are guiding you in the right direction, or preventing you from moving in the wrong direction.

- Kelsey shares how this experiment, as it known, transformed her life once she discovered her own design map.

- Kelsey believes that joy is our natural state and the universe wants us to be as sparklyAF! Through using science, spirituality, play and financial education, Kelseys reveals how she teaches people to tap into their true essence so they can experience more ease, joy and abundance. And isn't that what we all want?

- We also talk about the polyvagal theory (the science of feeling safe), and why that's important.

- And I share a little about my experiences with Human Design.


Kelsey studied at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC) where she earned certifications as a Certified Professional Coach, Energy Leadership Master Practitioner and Cor.E Performance coach. She also studied at the Applied Nueroscience Institute, earning her NeuroPositive Certificate in using neuroscience to change how the brain processes challenges. Before becoming a Certified Professional Coach, Kelsey earned her Masters in Marine Biology and graduate certificate in non-fiction writing. She worked as a nationally-recognized science writer, as a marine biologist studying dolphins and killer whales, as a personal trainer, a group fitness instructor, a swim coach, a triathlon coach and a food blogger. She also was (and still is) a triathlete who races both nationally and internationally. After a decade in Maine and 16 months of traveling around the U.S. in a small camper, Kelsey now lives in Sarasota, Florida with her husband Pete and doberman Zumi.

Kelsey is also the host of the: The Find Your Awesome Podcast

You can learn more about her work, book a session or an online course: https://www.kelseyabbott.com

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