374: The Four Greys (Members Trailer)


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On Episode 374: The Four Greys, Ryan joins The Confessionals to share his harrowing account of his years-long nighttime encounters with four grey creatures. At age 19, Ryan moved in with his older brother. One night while they had company over, Ryan suddenly felt overwhelmed and went to sleep in his room. When he awoke, he found himself held down with a large hand pressed against his back, and witnessed the shadows of four tall slender creatures on the wall. When Ryan heard the creatures begin to “talk,” he blacked out. His experience could almost have been a horrible dream except that when Ryan finally came running from his room, his brother’s immediate reaction revealed just how real the encounter was. For years afterward, Ryan continued to be visited by the grey shadowy beings, until one night when he did not only feel hands and see shadows but finally saw one of the creatures in the flesh.
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