Your Picture Perfect Cats with Brian Vermeire and Kristina Hughes, Frame Your Feline Founders


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“Once you get one cat, you can’t stop getting cats. It’s an addiction like none other."

This episode is sponsored in part by Doobert and Maddie's Fund.

Meet Brian Vermeire and Kristina Hughes, stand-up comedians and entrepreneurs based in Los Angeles. The pair grew weary of the sight of cat trees and decided to take action to create more aesthetically pleasing cat furniture. Together, they developed the Feline Frame Ensemble, which combines a cat shelf with a portrait frame.

In their conversation with Stacy, Brian, and Kristina describe some of the features of the Feline Frame Ensemble, which include interchangeable frames and customizable artwork. They also discuss some of the lessons that they have learned as avid listeners of the Community Cats Podcast.

Additionally, Brian discusses his company OneBite Creative, which provides website design, logo design, social media branding, and graphic services. He stresses the importance of having an up-to-date website and one that is periodically updated. He also explains how OneBite Creative can help those that are feeling overwhelmed with their maintaining their website or social media presence.

To learn more about Frame your Feline, visit their website or Instagram. And to learn more about OneBite Creative, visit their website.

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