The Blow For Bryan Benefit Ball!


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Bryan and Krissy say "LEGALIZE IT!" But the attitudes of law makers are not, generally, in agreement. Bryan decides to create a benefit party for the cause. The gang decide to name the fun-raiser "The Blow For Bryan Benefit Ball" and your invited. So is Trey from Phish!

  • Bryan & Krissy are back from the legal weed states!
  • Our OLD friend Jedidiah stops by
  • Florida reports it wants to start selling weed in gas stations?
  • Bryan had a nightmare "brownie" baking session
  • Should we just legalize everything?
  • The Blow For Bryan Benefit Ball
  • Frankie believes a woman should walk the walk...but please don't talk, at all!
  • Frankie gives us more advice on dating, while driving the down the highway. How safe??
  • Frankie leaves us with nothing else to ponder!


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