Keep Your Talking To A Minimum!


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The gang over at Mountain Monsters have been kidnapped by a burly crew of very polite masked bandits. But the boys manage to escape after a floating head makes a deal with the devil woman to get the body of a deceased Bigfoot named Stoneish. Did you get all that? Either did we! Let's just sit back and enjoy the foolishness.

  • Armie Hammer is out of control!
  • Soduku is not the Japanese art of binding. FYI.
  • Krissy wonders about bondage with Jeff
  • Bryan lived with a dominatrix in the "band house"
  • Love bombing is the most intense form of affection
  • Netflix wants you to watch commercials
  • Mountain Monsters Men have been kidnapped
  • Buck from MM makes a deal with the devil
  • Bryan and Krissy have NO idea what's going per usual


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