Finding Purpose and Creating Change in the World with Christine Garde-Denning


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From the dual perspectives of Certified Counselor/Life Coach, Kim Anderson, & Functional Nutrition/Fitness Trainer, Lori Zabka, your hosts help women identify and break up with the patterns that have held them back so they can reach their fullest potential, ... "because life is too short to stay stuck" Globally 1billion 400 Million menstruating women do not have access to period products, a health crisis known as period poverty. Many girls are left to stay home and miss school, or substitute with unsafe options, leading to more serious health issues. A recent study in Wa East Ghana reported 83% of the girls having transactional sex for a pad! Let us introduce you to world-changer and impact-maker, Christine Garde-Denning, Founder & CEO of the non-profit organization, Could You? Cup. Christine joins us in Episode 5 of Season 3, to share her vision for helping women everywhere have access to affordable feminine care. Christine sits down with Kim and Lori to share her story of being the “David” in the “Goliath world” of hygiene health. Her passion, determination, and resilience are tools that have served her propelled her forward. Named by Forbes Magazine as one of the “Forty Over 40” women who are making a global impact, Christine’s life-long mission has been serving the poor and improving the world. From working with, (and living among) inner-city gang members, to forming CouldYou?, Christine has rocked the boat and put the issue of menstrual care a topic that can’t be ignored.

Most of us want to help others and create impact outside of ourselves, but we don’t really know where to start. Christine’s story will not only inspire you but this episode will help you get clear about how to take that first step.

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