What VMware might look like under Broadcom


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Dave Vellante (@dvellante, CEO/Co-Host of @theCube) talks about the VMware acquisition by Broadcom and the potential future of the combined organization.

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Topic 1 - Welcome back to the show. Lets jump right into it - did you expect VMware to get sold this quickly after finally being “free” of a parent company?

Topic 2 - “Accretive acquisition bringing $8.5B of EBITDA by Year 3” - this seems to be the statement (headline) that really has people talking. What does it mean, and what does it say about the future plans that Broadcom might have for VMware?

Topic 3 - Let’s walk through their slide “Multiple Levers to Increase VMware’s Profitability

Topic 4 - We all know that vSphere/ESX is the cash cow and isn’t going anywhere. Beyond that, how do you potentially see other parts of the portfolio moving forward - VMware on AWS, NSX (networking), VSAN (storage), Tanzu (AppDev)?

Topic 5 - Could you see companies like Cisco or HP or NetApp or Dell buying any of those businesses (especially NSX or VSAN) so that they have permanent attachment to vSphere?

Topic 6 - Do you have any experience hearing from customers of CA or Symmantec to give current VMware customers a sense of what their new world might look like?


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