Will we have a nation to be thankful for next year?


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The Biden regime used Thanksgiving as a reason to celebrate and promote its "accomplishments" this year. They wanted to claim that Americans were better off this year than they were last year under President Trump thanks to COVID vaccines and the American Rescue Plan. But the information was completely filled with lies and misleading information.

The first item was in regards to unemployment, where they claim that Biden has reduced unemployment. They conveniently leave out that many states were still under restrictions last Thanksgiving. Americans were unable to work in many instances if they wanted. In the second item, they talked about COVID vaccines. They claimed that less than 1% of Americans were vaccinated last year while 71% are this year. But the COVID vaccines were not approved to be administered until AFTER Thanksgiving last year.

The rest of the items had to do with the economy. They boasted in increased GDP, restaurant and bar sales, and retail sales. They again failed to mention the closed businesses that reopened, or the fact that massive inflation is driving higher sales also. They want to ignore that Americans are paying nearly double for gasoline this year and 50% more for groceries this year.

Americans are not better off under Biden's agenda than they were a year ago. In fact, they are losing money under Biden. A significant amount of money. All while Biden promotes that he is redistributing wealth across the country. Americans should be thankful that the 2022 midterms are coming and that we can stop Biden's agenda in its tracks. Because if we don't, we may not have a nation to be thankful for next year.

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