Tiki torches and a crumbling agenda


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The left wing agenda is crumbling before our eyes. After seizing control in the last election, Democrats promised a lot of things to Americans. Yet, they are failing to deliver. All across the country we are seeing Democrat failures, but especially in Virginia.

In a state that is reliably left-wing, we see that Americans are telling the Democrats they are not interested in what they are selling. So much so that the Democrats are being forced to their typical measures. Bad actors and cheating. The Lincoln Project sent "white nationalists" or Democrat actors, to the Youngkin event in Virginia. This will probably not be the last attempt to sway the election through misleading everyone.

But they know they must win this election. Why? Because a loss in Virginia will continue to keep the Democrats divided, and possibly make it worse. The progressives will say that the left is not being radical enough. The moderates will say the progressives are causing the issue. That's exactly what Conservatives need.

A win in Virginia would send a strong message to the radical left and Joe Biden about his failures. More importantly, it can be a launching point for conservatives to step up and lead once again. Right now, there is more finger pointing than anything. It's time to capitalize on what's happening and step out and lead our nation again.

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