The Radical Left Throws Herd Immunity Out The Window


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From the beginning of the pandemic, we have all heard about this topic of herd immunity. Dr. Fauci mentioned it early on in the pandemic when many private physicians began saying that the US was well on its way to herd immunity. That’s when he came out with the suggestion that it may take something like 60-70% immunity to reach herd immunity.

Then we all remember his famous moving of the goalposts. He used "science" to move the goalposts saying that we then needed 70-90%. Once he was caught in his lie, he said he did indeed move them only because of poll data that said more people were interested in the vaccines than he thought. He continued to push the agenda and discussion of herd immunity for several months. But now, it seems that he is backing off the discussion of herd immunity.

In a New York Times article from Monday, he admitted that herd immunity was no longer the focus and was probably not attainable in the US. He said that the focus should be on vaccinating as many people as possible.

So why the change of heart? Well, it has to do with the fact that this is a coronavirus. Coronaviruses exist all around us every day. This one just happened to make people a lot sicker than many of the others. If immunity was possible with a coronavirus, then you would only ever get one common cold in your life. The coronaviruses around us are generally not deadly and weaken over time.

This is the very thing that many in conservative circles were saying early on in the pandemic. They said that the virus will no doubt mutate and that it will weaken.

The New York Times article says that it would take generations to address this coronavirus and that the vaccine only helps those most vulnerable. The article admits that most who contract the coronavirus as younger people, would build antibodies and be able to fight off the mutants.

This is exactly what conservatives have argued throughout the pandemic. Instead, we were told that we had to trust science. It took the science over a year to catch up with common sense that conservatives were using the entire time. We have a situation in which people were told that the virus has a 99.8% survivability rate.

The left seized on the opportunity. They have used this as a means to establish control through fear. All of these things as Americans willingly sacrificed under the premise of reaching herd immunity and saving others.

It was all a lie. A lie that was never possible and a false feeling of hope for those who never needed it.

The coronavirus is real, but what is even more real is the tyranny that the left has established with it. The absolute rule of American lives was the ultimate goal. They were never interested in reaching an immunity and helping Americans get back to normal. Because such a herd immunity was never possible with this type of virus.

The ultimate goal was to continue to force Americans to believe a lie and into submission. It worked and now our country may never be the same.

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