No one is buying what Joe Biden is selling


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Earlier this week, Joe Biden announced that he was going to take new initiatives to get Americans to take the COVID vaccine. His solution, to launch a door to door campaign and force employers to give paid time off to get the vaccine. Yes, the President wants the American government to start a door to door sales business.

It’s a strategy that quickly came under scrutiny. The House Freedom Caucus quickly called the strategy door to door spying. South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster said that it was enticing, coercing, intimidating, pressuring and mandating a vaccine on the American people.

But are Americans really buying what Joe Biden is selling? All that he has told Americans are lies. So far, he has been a horrible salesman.

Each time he takes on these government pressure tactics, it is just another conditioning exercise. It’s conditioning the American people to accept government force and oppression. But Americans are smarter than that. Or they should be. They should see right through this poor sales pitch.

This does not stop at just a vaccine. He’s tried to force economic packages on the American people, by saying that they need it. He claimed that he was not radical in the debates, but has done nothing but deliver radical policy and radical policy since becoming president. That certainly is not a way to build any credibility.

Americans should be free to decide if they want to take the vaccine or refuse. The forcing of Americans and the removal of freedom is what we would expect out of communist countries, not the United States. Biden would brag about his accomplishments, but there’s been few of those.

It’s a horrible track record for a salesman. But what would we expect from a man who has a horrible track record for decades in Washington. He’s just in the middle of adding another title, horrible salesman, to all the other failures of his political career.

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