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John Haywood, in his 1546 collection of English Proverbs, first coined the phrase, "GIVE HIM AN INCH, AND HE WILL TAKE A MILE - "Some people are never pleased with what they are given - they demand more and more. And right now, for liberals in this country, and those they have managed to conjure up into their corner, they require more and more, and thus, you, I, and every working man and woman in this country will soon finance the financial collapse of these United States of America.

Joe Biden, couldn't manage a child's lemonade stand - and now, coupled with the in COVID-19 relief money, 6-trillion dollars worth of it, Biden and his infrastructure bill will add another $1 trillion to the table. Congressional COVID bills have already accounted for over 1/4 of American GDP - our country cannot afford to spend anymore. We are tapped out - the chips are down, and the cards the Democrats have dealt us Americans are a sure loss.

But Biden knows he needs bipartisan support - he knows that he does not have the votes in Congress to break the filibuster or 60 votes required. So, what does Ole' Joe now propose? Well, let's attack businesses again, that's right, the ones who are still reeling from Democratic COVID lockdowns, and begging for workers, throwing our insane sign-on bonuses to get people hired, will be on the book for finance Biden's book of financial horrors and Pelosi's pet spending projects.

On Thursday, Biden attempted to lure Republicans into his madness and earn their vote by not conceding to increase the corporate tax rate but to set a minimum corporate tax rate moving forward for all businesses at 15%.

According to a story on ABC News, the president has been clear that he doesn't support any tax hikes on people making less than $400,000 a year, something Republicans looked to overcome by proposing to raise revenue by repurposing funds from previous COVID-19 relief bills. However, the administration said those funds aren't as bountiful as Republicans think.

On Thursday, Biden Press Secretary Jen Psaki stated, "There is a tiny, minimal amount left - It is certainly not going to pay for the majority of -- the vast majority of -- these proposals."

Where did all of this money go? It surely didn't go to progress America and our people forward? There is no positive change in position on American employment or business operations. For over a year and a half, we have paid people to sit their backsides at home and put forth zero effort to return to the workforce. And who is paying for this? We all are. It isn't a matter of income and how much you make - and for those who are earning less than $400k a year, you are paying much more today to exist than ever before.

Congress wrote blanks checks to liberals states and cities for absolutely nothing - for schools, libraries, and museums that never opened, for frivolous projects like beefed-up city WIFI, bike trails, and park expansions for all of the couch potatoes to stroll around with their newly acquired designer dogs, purchased using their Biden Stay-at-home salary.

Our country, under this administration, and without some solid Republican financial restraint, will be bust before Biden vacates office - 3 weeks, three months, or three years from now.

I want to talk about the economy and describe the damage this administration has designed more in detail. But, first, on Friday, May, employment numbers missed the mark yet again - with only 559,000 jobs added in May - primarily driven by bars, restaurants, and hotels re-hiring thousands of employees after being disseminated during the liberal lockdowns.

Most economists hoped for around 650,000 jobs to be added in May - but yet again, Biden and his policies contributed to a failing grade. As for the service industry, there are roughly 2.5 million fewer jobs in the leisure and hospitality industry than there were in February 2020, before the pandemic began. We have all witnessed the service industry with their long wait lines, advertising hundreds and even thousands of dollars in sign-on bonuses to attempt to appeal to a mass exodus of employees.

The bars, cafes, and restaurants may never recover, and why - because for Biden, he, in effect, forced small businesses to increase their pay to his minimum wage standard of $15.00 per hour after his failed attempt to push this political platform through Congress under the last COVID Relief Bill.

We have all seen the massive increase in expenses for products due to Biden's failed efforts to domestic security and shutting down petroleum pipelines across the country. And now, to finances such platforms as his infrastructure bill, he will look for large corporations, especially those within transportation, to foot the bill. So what does this mean for everyday Americans?

But you see, folks, Ole' Joe and the Democrats could care less about this - for your see, behind the scenes, Biden is beautifully mastering the art of deception. By raising the price of products and services and forcing the small businesses and corporations to pay their employees more, he will, in effect, be able to state that despite the increase in wages, the cost of living continues to rise, and thus, people will continually need more and more to simply, survive.

Indirect taxation will be the hidden culprit - under no circumstances will a company simply absorb increased costs of labor, raw materials, and shipping without passing these increases on to their customers. If production costs go up, so will your bill - and thus, regardless of your income, you will pay more.

But what about those who are and have made a career of living off government assistance - well, nothing - and why? Because, as I stated before, Biden and the liberal Democrats will simply say that the poverty line has raised as income has increased, but that doesn't take away from the continued need. Wait and see, folks, people making $50,000 - $60,000 a year, households earning a combined $100k will be no better off, and we are swiping an EBT card at the checkout line.

Don't believe me, sit back, and observe - remember, you heard it first here.

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