How to Become a Tyrant


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In the Netflix series, "How to Become a Tyrant," the 6-episode titles illustrate the steps taken by each of our world's most successful regimes:

  1. "Seize Power"
  2. "Crush your Rivals"
  3. "Reign through Terror"
  4. "Control the Truth"
  5. "Create a New Society"
  6. And "Rule Forever"

While these titles depict and describe the likes of Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, and Saddam Hussein, and the actions each took from 1920 to 2006, they can most assuredly apply today to the actions taken by our nation's 46th president and the radical liberals of today's American Democrat Party. I want to use the "rule book" described in this new Netflix series and how Democrats have applied these same tactics to destroy our country from within and the freedoms of our nation's people.

American liberalism took root in the United States immediately following the Vietnam War - and has entrenched itself ever since. For over the last 50 years, but particularly under the Democrat administrations of Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and now Joe Biden, liberals have transformed and revamped the American way of life.

Clinton was elected twice because most Americans wanted domestic solvency - a balanced fiscal budget, expanded and secure Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security benefits. Slick Willy was a good salesman, and when his pants were zipped, most Americans believed that he delivered on his promises. But, in reality, he helped plant the seeds of today's Democrat Communist Party by creating a welfare state, establishing an American Class system of the "haves and have-nots," and implementing legislation to disarm lawful citizens of our nation under the "Assault Weapon's Ban."

When Barack Obama was elected, it was more about something new and radical for America than legitimate policies put forward by a junior Senator and community organizer with zero experience. Obama's qualification was more about race than American societal reward. The most crucial detail of Obama's presidency is the incredible assimilation of money - the political machine to outspend political rivals had arrived. In politics, money can buy you anything - including votes.

During Barack Obama's reign in America, he and his fellow Democrats strong-armed their rivals to get what they wanted. It was to rule with a pen for the president, implementing policy with the stroke of his pen through Executive Orders. For the Democrat Party-controlled House, it was to attempt to push legislation through that would force government interference through the lives of every American in the passing of universal healthcare.

Fast-forward now through Donald Trump's administration to that of Joe Biden, and the Democrat dictatorial playbook starts to show itself. Today's liberals control the truth by controlling the narrative and the media markets in print and television. Democrats use the airwaves and social media platforms to crush their rivals and completely ignore what is occurring across our country or spin anything negative against the regime of Joseph R. Biden.

Like Hitler and Stalin before them, today's American liberals have successfully discounted and removed all media and ideas that go against their regime. From failing to acknowledge conservative commentary and questions to fact-checking and Facebook jail, rivals of today's Democrats are crushed quickly in their opposition. Freedom of speech is eroding before our eyes.

During the Holocaust and under Hitler's regime, many worldwide asked the Jews, why didn't they do you something? Why didn't they fight back rather than line up to be slaughtered? It was the fear instilled by the Nazis that commanded obedience. Today, liberals are using the same fear to demand compliance across the country. Within that fear, the message is clear; only the government can lead us out of these troubled times.

I am here to tell you that these are lies - only under the authority of God and His blessings upon man will we overcome any crisis, any obstacle. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ commands that we leave all and follow him. Those who choose to follow tyranny will suffer the wrath of what history has offered - the choice is yours; we all know the path of the past and the atrocities it brings. The question is, what are you, what am I going to do? Who will we follow?

What playbook will you play in? One of pain and suffering, or the one that contains the truth and the light and brings every lasting life beyond the borders of Biden and his regime here on earth?

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