Biden‘s gifts to America


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As the bodies of 13 dead Americans returned home in flag-draped caskets for a heroes remembrance, the commander in chief gets caught on national television continually checking his watch, as if to illustrate that somehow, this process needed to speed up, or perhaps this somber time or pomp and circumstance was keeping him removed from his favorite day T.V. show or mid-morning nap.

Americans' longest-serving war has now come to an end. As Afghanistan and those left behind remain in a state of uncertainty and trepidation due to our chaotic retreat, our enemies eye the demise of American global superiority. This week, North Korea's Kim Jong Un announced the restart of its nation's nuclear program. The Taliban and China formally declare each other "trustworthy friends," and the Ayatollah in Iran is growing impatient with an unsigned atomic agreement, as they are testing U.S. sanctions with their sending of shipments to Syria.

All across the globe, American adversaries are preparing to test the American resolve. All around the world, the United States is seen by many of its allies and adversaries as weak. Under the command of a bumbling, tired old man, America far less safe, and her allies worry that they too will suffer the price of America's cut-and-run campaign.

Here at home, our nation has endured a catastrophic hit by a natural disaster. Over 45 Americas are now dead, and from Louisiana to New England, homes are destroyed, cities are underwater, and the President is clueless. Some places like Grand Isle and New Orleans will be weeks or even months before normalcy returns. Power and road systems are destroyed, increasing food and gas prices all up and down the eastern seaboard.

COVID-19 infection rates among both the vaccinated and unvaccinated continue to rise. As healthcare systems and hospitals reach their highest rates ever, school systems close yet again for in-person instruction. It would appear that Joe Biden has lost his creative control over the country, and with each passing day, it is clear, the White House has no clue, no course, no path to combat the virus, or to preserve the American "way of life."

In all of the darkness that lay before the Biden and the Democrats, there was one event this week that brought back hope to America. The Supreme Court ruled that it will not block Texas' abortion law which prohibits most abortions after six weeks, and went into effect on Wednesday. With a conservative majority on the Court, this most certainly lays the groundwork for a possible overturning of Roe v. Wade.

All conservative justices, minus the turnout Chief Justice John Roberts siding with the liberals, failed to block the new Texas abortion law and will now trickle down to states like Mississippi and Florida who eye similar legislation. The law in Texas says doctors cannot perform abortions if a heartbeat is detected, an activity that starts at around six weeks before many women are even aware they are pregnant.

The irony out of all of this is today's liberal logic concerning masks and the killing of the unborn. Today's Democrats use the heath and safety of others, and the government's right to mandate health policy only applies to mask-wearing. Public policy trumps " my body, my choice " for those who wish not to wear a mask or submit to the COVID vaccine. But for those who want to kill their unborn child, privacy is a must - the government doesn't have a right to dictate what someone can or cannot do with their body. It doesn't make a bit of sense.

America better return to faith and freedom, for sooner rather than later, we all will feel God's wrath. For too long, we have defiled the wishes of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and look where we are today? A deeply divided nation, desperate to pander and even more to politicize policies that go against God. Our enemies will soon be upon our nation's shores once more. Our economic prosperity is but paper-thin; our fear is misdirected, and for those who look to the leadership of a tatter and tired old man playing President, this is your warning. You better get real and get right with God because there is nothing ahead for you but agony under Joe Biden.

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