Afghanistan's Aftermath Await's America


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It took just 6-months for Joe Biden and his administration to turn America into a pathetic paper tiger on the world stage. As the nations of China, Iran, North Korea, Russia, and Syria are dining in delight at our failed democratic initiatives in Afghanistan, from here forward, America's word, its bond, because of Biden, will be forever broken.

As helicopters rescued members of our embassy in Kabul, the people of Afghanistan took to the burning of documents, women ditched their jeans for burkas, and girls went into hiding to keep from being raped and sold into slavery. The Taliban reenergized and re-equipped with American Blackhawks, AR-15s, Humvees, and armored vehicles, return to the capital to cause destruction and chaos - a promise and prophesy fulfilled due to a failure of an American president.

For more than two weeks, Sleepy Joe has bobbed and weaved from questions regarding the chaos across Afghanistan - as Biden hid from the media in his basement, American allies and our brothers and sisters combating global terrorism hid for their lives.

But, Biden remains steadfast in his decision of desertion - telling his once good pals in the liberal media that there was no other way - trillions of dollars spent training the Afghan army, and thousands of brave American lives lost. And after 20 years, and Joe's ripe age of 78, he, and only he reserves the right to call for pulling of the plug.

Joe Biden, like his liberal predecessors, and those with who he has worked so closely, is incapable of a lot of things - understanding global affairs is sadly one of them. Let us not forget that President Biden is the protege of another failed Democratic foreign policy know-nothing puppet in Barack Obama, who paid evil nations like Iran not to attack Americans. At the same time, they continued to increase their nuclear capabilities and instigate their proxy war against the nation of Israel.

Not since the Vietnam War has our nation seen reports of brave men and women who lost limb and life and loved ones and fellow soldiers sink into deep despair. Media pundits have asked many who have served in Afghanistan, what was accomplished by America's Global War on Terrorism - as if to say, was it a wasted effort? Was all of this for not?

Joe Biden doesn't know a thing about sacrifice - heck; he couldn't sacrifice cutting his vacation short of addressing the American people while Afghanistan fell to terrorists. The sacrifices, strides, and successes made by the United States military will not be forgotten, their lives not forsaken.

We must not let Biden use his basement for refuge to hide from actions. Instead, we are to demand answers for what this muppet of a man has done and undone, not only for the people of Afghanistan but also here at home. We are to seek the truth above all else, demand accountability, hold responsible those whose actions have caused destruction, but above all else, thank those, the brave men and women who led the fight, sacrificed so much, especially those who gave all.

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