A Return to the COVID Circus


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This weekend begins the commencement of 2021, which should have been the 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Toyko, Japan. For the last several weeks, the liberal media has spearheaded a movement to all but call for the cancellation of the games as the city of Tokyo sees a rise in COVID cases, for what today's liberal medical scholars link to the new Delta variant.

Let's take a look at the Tokyo Games, for example, which are taking place in a city that has seen over 853,000 cases and just a bit over 15,000 deaths. That's right - a mere 1.7% death rate. According to liberals, there is a massive outbreak across the city of Tokyo, and as a result, Olympic officials have not entirely ruled out a cancelation of the games.

When I first heard this Thursday morning, I stood in awe at my television screen. On Good Morning America, after George Stephanopoulos and Micahel Strahan glorified the NBA Finals win of the Milwaukee Bucks and the 65,000 screaming people outside the stadium, they mention the handful of Olympic athletes barred from it competition over their new COVID diagnosis.

What I find fascinating is that all across the globe, new Delta variant infections continue to skyrocket among vaccinated individuals - that is, of course, everywhere but The United States. The liberal political narrative here at home is that the unvaccinated are leading to the spread of the Delta variant. Still, in the UK, infections among vaccinated individuals continue to climb.

Today's Democrats operate in fear. For African Americans, it is to fear the police. For children, it is to worry you, teacher. For most else, it is to fear accountability. And for everyone, it is to fear anything that doesn't originate from a socialist-scripted agenda.

Biden, Pelosi, and the rest of his political posse know exactly how Americans respond. Incentive everything, reward mediocrity, and subdue as many as you can along the way to their hopes of a socialistic regime. But you see, Democrats are the scared ones, for they act and operate so that they will politically weaponize dang near anything to bend and demand obedience.

Joe Biden knows his term is nearing the toilet. Rather than taking accountability for putting our country in the crapper, he wants to reignite the ole' COVID culprit as the reason our nation will never move forward. But you see, I and countless other conservatives in our country know this game all too well. We saw it play out live for a year and a half, and we are not going to sit by this time by the president's communist clowns eradicate our Great Republic.

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