COP26: Can World Leaders Stabilize The Climate? (w/ The Economist's Oliver Morton)


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On this installment of our series, The Road To COP26 Presented By Octopus Energy, we look at the big picture of the climate crisis with The Economist's Oliver Morton to talk about their latest Special Report “Stabilising the climate." We go in-depth on the state of the crisis, greenhouse gas emissions, and what it will take to hit the goals set out in the Paris Agreement almost 6 years ago as we arrive at the second day of the World Leader's Summit. We discuss the realities world leaders face with the economics of clean energy, how the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) committed to in the Paris Agreement are measuring up, and the hurdles countries may face trying to achieve negative emissions.

Co-hosts Ty Benefiel and Brock Benefiel also react President Joe Biden's speech at COP26 and Sen. Joe Manchin's reaction to it and discuss the WMO's "State of Climate in 2021: Extreme events and major impacts" report.

Oliver Morton is an award-winning science writer and editor, author of multiple books including most recently 2019’s The Moon: A History for the Future. The Economist’s “To a lesser degree” podcast on climate change.

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