Chelsea buckles under pressure.


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This week Keri and Peter are rejoined by Matthew down in Lisbon, sounding like he's commentating on the 1967 European Cup final.

In between whistling neighbours, Jethro Tull and the latest from The Ambridge Farmer's Conference, we pulled on our bath robes and looked deep into:

• "She's sent the copper the wrong way!" : Lynda puts Harrison on the spotkick duty.

• "I'm getting nutting." : Can Adil palm off Ambridge after his hand in Chelsea's dressing down ?

• When the hen night turns ugly, Tracy chickens out.

• Any Joy? Yes. Thankfully, two episodes worth.

• Festival Pat just dropped. But only a cheeky half, honest.

• Russ understands the cost of living. Is there no end to his selfless humanity?

• Red water tonight: Tony's still sh1te.

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