Episode 055 - Mike (Staub Audio Engineering)


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Mike is one of the most prominent, thoughtful, and artistic audio engineers in the lofi, chillhop, and mellow beats scene. As the owner and creator of Staub Audio Engineering, Mike's consistent work and collaborations with top beat makers and major labels has allowed his engineering skills to be heard all over the world. His mastered tracks are frequently placed on Spotify's largest editorial playlists. Beyond his work as an audio engineer, Mike is a true artist and demonstrates ultimate kindness and professionalism to everyone that he works with.
On today's episode we discuss:
- The many benefits of working with a professional audio engineer
- Mike's personal perspectives and approaches to audio engineering
- How Mike philosophically approaches his life and work as an entrepreneur
Connect with Mike on Instagram: @staubaudio_sterilone
Visit Mike's website: www.staubaudioengineering.com
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This episode is sponsored by Staub Audio Engineering:
Staub Audio Engineering Website
Instagram: @staubaudio_sterilone

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