Red light, Green light; AI and Security with William De’Ath of GBC.AI


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Today’s episode takes a look at blockchain security, mainstream user experience, comics for blockchain, bridges and more. The conversation begins with Will introducing GBC.AI and explaining how its simple technology can keep blockchain users from getting scammed. After reflecting on public sentiment of crypto the last six months, Charlie and Will discuss how imperative security in the space will be moving forward. The conversation then dives into the importance of user interface and experience to move blockchain technology into regular mainstream use. Will dives into blockchain use cases and specific examples of how GBC.AI can partner with protocols. Will shares analogies to demonstrate how GBC.AI can serve as a trusted quality assurance in blockchain that’s independent, impartial and trustworthy. Will shares how comics became a part of the company’s pitch deck and the process of creating them. Charlie and Will ideate on creating the ‘Clipy’ of GBC.AI and discuss inputting a mascot for the mainstream crowds. Will goes into the business side of Wallet Guardian and how they plan to build out the B2B products, similar to Web2 antivirus software. The conversation turns to bridges and speculation of their future.

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