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Today's guest is my friend Adam B. Levine, the founder and CEO of Tokenly and 330 AI. Tokenly is a leading innovator and developer of turnkey blockchain and token solutions. They have launched five blockchain applications, including turnkey solutions for blockchain eCommerce, auctions, secure multi-sig wallets, token creation, token crowd sales, and more. 330 AI Innovations is a technology company that creates unique text-to-image generator products utilizing a vast tool kit of artificial intelligence to fulfill the artist's vision for individual users and businesses. Adam is an entrepreneur, a frequent collaborator, an asymmetrical strategist, and a tangential thinker. Adam’s other interests include additive manufacturing tech, autonomous systems, new interfaces, open source hardware, and improbable solutions to impossible problems that could change everything. Adam is also the editor of CoinDes’s audio and podcasts division. Previously, Adam founded the long-running Let's Talk Bitcoin! talk show with co-hosts Stephanie Murphy and Andreas M. Antonopoulos. Finding early success with the show, Adam transformed the podcast's homepage into a full newsdesk and publishing platform, founding the LTB Network in January 2014 to help broaden the conversation with new and different perspectives. BTC, Inc. acquired the LTBN in January 2017. With the network launched and growing in late 2014, Adam turned his attention to the practical challenges of administering the tokenized program and founded Tokenly, Inc. He led the development of early tokenized vending machines with Swapbot, tokenized identity solution Tokenpass, e-commerce with TokenMarkets.com, and media with Token.fm. We discuss various topics, including 330 AI, Bitcoin, Crypto Culture, individual liberties, and much more. We begin our conversation by discussing the dynamics of the early Bitcoin community. Adam explains why he believes Bitcoin has already won and the monetary movement spurred by Bitcoin is inevitable. We transition to discuss the importance of Crypto-Twitter to the fabric of the culture of crypto. Adam explains the progression of crypto discourse from IRC to Twitter. We discuss the importance of the origins of Bitcoin IRC to Bitcoin’s history. Our conversation transitioned to discuss Adam’s backstory and how he found bitcoin. We touch on why Adam has been adamant about refraining from talking about the price of Bitcoin on his podcasts. We discuss why permission blockchains will not be the future. We discuss the importance of innovation competition. Our next conversation topic focused on individual liberties. We discuss how Bitcoin preserves personal freedoms and the problem with regulatory capture and disincentives. We have a fascinating conversation about why El Salvador is important and what it represents. Our final discussion topic centered around 330ai. We discuss the future of gaming and generative art. Adam shares possible applications for generative art and how groundbreaking this technology can be. Please enjoy my conversation with Adam B. Levine.


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