'We Need People in Handcuffs Soon' with Kash Patel and Darren Beattie


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First up, Charlie is joined by former Trump administration advisor and federal prosecutor, Kash Patel, to make sense of the current twists and turns in the Michael Sussman trial. As the defense rests, Kash lays out in laymen's terms the most shocking moments from the courtroom, including what he believes is the key information from the trial that should give everyone confidence in Durham's systematic, methodical checkmate of the Clinton campaign and its many operatives is well underway. Also, Kash explains how Hillary Clinton had parallel tracks of conspiracy to undermine President Trump, and Sussman was just one player in a single track. Next, Charlie talks with Revolver.News founder and investigative journalist Darren Beattie. Darren breaks down an explosive story involving fallen Disinformation Czar, Nina Jancowikz, that exposes the meandering and sprawling tentacles of the government's "disinformation" cabal that also implicates the US State Department and NATO. What does this intergovernmental architecture expose about how the a transatlantic ecology of government actors work to combat freedom of speech and influence dissident voices both domestically and within independent governments? Finally Darren and Charlie make sense of the breaking news from Uvalde, Texas where more initial reports proved to be misinformation as the original timeline gets turned on its head.

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