Ep 176 Ranking Higher on Google with Erson Religioso


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Join me today as I talk to my good friend, Dr. Erson Religious, the Modern Manual Therapist and avid Star Wars fan. He’s also a cash-based physical therapist and a drop-shipping wizard. Dr. E tells us how he stays on top of current trends and why it’s important to have your content everywhere. Knowing the difference between what trends fit your goals is the key to between staying current and getting bogged down in things you didn’t want to do in the first place.

Over time, social media platforms change what kind of content they reward and what the are more likely to put on people’s feeds. We talk about the necessity of staying current with the trends and trying new things to see how they work for your business.

“You need to produce as much free content on as many platforms as possible.”

As we move through 2021, Erson and I discussion what we see as the future of practicing physical therapy. Insurance companies are paying less and less, so is a cash practice the way forward for independent physical therapist? What happened to all the PTs that didn’t have an online presence. Let us know if you agree with our answers!

Topics we cover:

-Watching Star Wars as kids

-Parallels between business trends and mainstream media

-Clips, Reels, and A/B testing on social media

-Marketing on LinkedIn and other Social Media platforms

-“Cheating” at SEO

-How and why to repurpose content in an evergreen way

-Selling products versus services

-Cold ads and warm ads

-Generating and nurturing leads

-Funnels and Email automations

-The importance of Google for traffic

-Repurposing live seminars

-The future of practice physical therapy

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