Ep. 181 5 BIG Reasons You Need to Start Building Your Email List...Especially if You Want to Make Money


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1) Followers are not dollars

They’re not your followers, they belong to Facebook or Youtube or Instagram. An email list is what you own. Email allows you to add value in a way that you can’t do on social media. Email isn’t sleazy. That’s not what we do! We add value! An email list allows you to control the flow of information, something that isn’t possible with social media. You may post great and informative content, but only 30% of your followers may even see it.

I talk about this and more in my FREE download 35 Marketing Strategies. These are things no one is teaching you in school, the APTA isn’t teaching you. Theses are strategies that are PROVEN to work.

2) The fortune is in the follow up

Some people will do business right now, but most people need follow up. They need to build a relationship with you first. 70-80% of people aren’t ready to buy today, but they will in the next 2 years if you stay relevant to them. You can easily create a lead magnet, give it away for free, and grow your email list. The you can use something like the PT Email Engine™️, that triggers an automated email sequence as soon as they request it.

3) YOU own the email list

Your account can’t get shut down like it can on Instagram of Facebook. I've seen pelvic floor PTs have their accounts locked because they algorithm flagged their content as inappropriate. My email list is twice as big as my IG followers and I can download it and take it with me anytime and anywhere. I have full control!

4) The Know, Love, & Trust Factor

It’s no longer good enough to know, like, and trust, they need to love you. You need to share and show up for them. You can’t do that on social media where you're competing with thousands of others. If you send an email every Monday, people will come to look forward to that email, if it has value. The right client will buy product they don’t even need because they love you. You should be making at least $1 per contact per month. We are making $10 per contact per month. It’s not your job to end the conversation. There’s always an unsubscribe button. They can make the choice to leave.

5) You can mint money anytime you want

If you’ve built your email list the right way, you can create an offer that people can’t refuse because you are giving them what they need and want. You can pitch them a product or service and people on your list will buy in. I have things of value that serve people. The best day to start building your email list is yesterday. The next best day is right now.

Just imagine if you have a list of 100 people and one person gives you $1000?

What if you have 10,000 people on your email list?

What if you can convert 10% to your program or offer?

Btw If you’re interested in having me write all your emails and set up your systems and processes to build a list and convert prospects to customers, just DM me the words “Email Engine” and I’ll send you more details

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