Ep 180 Embrace the Struggle with Kyle Rice


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Today I speak with Dr. Kyle Rice founder of the PT Hustle. He helps PT students and grads who struggle with standardized exams pass the NPTE. As someone who struggled himself with standardized testing, he now makes it his mission to help others get past the hurdle of the NPTE.

Kyle shares how he felt like he had something to prove entering college because he got in despite his low test scores. After getting low scores on the MCAT so many times, he decided to apply to Physical Therapy school because he had excellent grades and did better on the GRE.

All of of the struggle have surrounding standardized test have to do with mindset. These types of tests can be anxiety-inducing events, which make it harder to do well. He ended up acing the NPTE because he was able to change his approach and mindset.

Coming out of PT school, Kyle was motived to be the best physical therapist he could be. He thought that becoming manual therapy certified and having a residency was what would make him successful and fulfilled. Then he realized as he was working as a travel physical therapist that it really wasn’t fulfilling for him. He knew he had to help students that struggled like he did to pass the NPTE and get the job of their dreams.

Kyle began by giving a high ticket value with our a high ticket price. From the first time he tutored someone to pass the NPTE to the development of his course, it took him almost 5 years. He says the difference between struggle and failure as mindset. The struggle is a blessing because that means you’re in a period of growth.

Topics we cover:

-Struggling with standardized testing

-Succeeding because of the struggle

-Why standardized tests are harder for some people

-The cutthroat nature of PT school

-Test taking strategies

-Following his true calling

-Providing value

-The difference between struggle and failure

-Automation to fuel growth

-Not settling for less than

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