Ep. 175 YouTube Growth Hacks with Anotonio Sanson


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Anything to do with marketing can be intimidating, but throw in “digital” to the mix, and you add in an extra helping of anxiety. And why wouldn’t it seem overwhelming considering the factors?

Audio. Video. Multiple platforms. Equipment. New technology.

That’s a lot to think about!

My guest, Antonio Sanson, shares his start in the space of digital marketing and how his experience as a Physical Therapist Assistant in a small town led him to success on YouTube.

“There is nothing special about how I got started with YouTube. You don’t need anything special to get started in this space.”

In this episode we talk about:

-Using common search terms

-Starting with equipment you already have

-Developing your presence

-Growth strategies the WORK

-Ad revenue versus partnerships

-Creating content that gets seen

-How consistency is underrated

The best day to start your YouTube channel is yesterday and the next best day to start is today! After you listen to our conversation, you’ll understand why!

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