Ep 172: Using Words And Images To Grow Your PelvicPT Practice With Beth Shelly


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There is a certain resistance in the physical therapy space to treat women, especially pregnant women who are going through a lot of physical changes in their bodies. Contributing to half of the population PTs are seeing in their clinic, it has become a wonder why women's health as a whole is perceived as uncomfortable for some. Beth Shelly, one of the pioneers in pelvic health physical therapy, found her calling in this area. She joins host, Aaron LeBauer, to help us have a deeper understanding of women's and pelvic health and the changes she has seen around it in the last couple of years since she's been practicing. Helping PTs overcome sensitive topics that are part of the pelvic PT practice, Beth shows some exercise on using words and images to explain sexual health to patients properly. She also talks about differential diagnosis, strength training, women's health education, social media, and more. To date, the field of women's health and pelvic therapy is a wonderfully growing field. Tune into this conversation to find more opportunities to succeed in this area.

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