Ep 171: Thrive As A Physical Therapist Without Actually Treating Patients With Meredith Castin


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The thought of moving into clinic director roles may be exciting until you've finally settled into your job, only to be given one big task over the next. Now, people are not only expecting you to do patient care but also to become a stellar manager while at it. So how can you properly do your managerial duties when you're too busy meeting patients? Meredith Castin of The Non-Clinical PT saw the struggles many physical therapists with positions face under these traditional growth pathways in PT. As the owner and founder of the #1 resource for physical, occupational, and speech therapy professionals launching non-clinical careers in healthcare, she shows us the way we can continue to thrive in our professions without actually treating patients. Meredith then talks about the burnout that comes with growing in the career, the problem with not getting more recognition and pay in the industry, and what she is doing to help people transition to non-clinical career paths.

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