Ep 160: Achieving "Impossible" Dreams with Joses Ngugi


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Here’s a hard fact - you have what it takes to achieve any dream you can dream of! The ways and possibilities are endless and today’s guest will share a sure and effective process to get you a good jumpstart! Joses Ngugi, a PT, and a Physical Therapy School Acceptance coach have the solution you need! Finally, you can stop despairing about your failures and look at the impossibilities as opportunities you need to overcome, and you can! Find out the proven and effective method to conquer any obstacle blocking your path to success.

“When we enjoy what we're doing, when we enjoy who we're serving, we give at such a high level...the quality of care is so amazing.”

- Joses Ngugi

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In This Episode:

- The question that unveils how much you want something and how far you’ll go for the thing you want

- The formula for providing exceptional quality of care

- The greatest misconception about past failures

- The solid system that can make people do what they need to do to achieve their goals

- Creating a business model that serves people and makes money

- Why money is NOT a bad thing

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