Ep 156: EMR's Suck with Ray Berardinelli


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Ray Berardinelli is joining Aaron today to rally his mantra that EMR’s suck - and it actually does! He’s been in the PT business for 15 years and has founded two medical technology innovations that have changed the way we operate PT practice. Aetas and SelfDocAIMR are automation software designed to help you work more efficiently, secure more repeat clients, provide all-in-one clinical service, and so much more! Wouldn’t it be nice if you found a business partner that does the bulk of the tasks for you, takes care of your clients, and pays attention to their needs with sheer dedication? Not only will you have more time for personal things that equally matter, but you’ll also save yourself and your customers all the unnecessary headaches!

“In a world of instant gratification, do a little work to reset your patients’ minds. Look for opportunities in inefficiencies and build stronger relationships.”

- Ray Berardinelli

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In This Episode:

- How documentation got left behind in the midst of all the medical advancements and why this is a HUGE concern for patients!

- There are people who refuse to get an EMR even when they need it - and here’s why you should care!

- The revolution in AI that saved people’s time, money, and trust.

- Set your patients’ expectations or they’re going to set it for you - and then lose them, for good!

- Here’s a strategy more important than all the marketing you put out together - and it’s free!


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