Social Media And Violence In Leicester


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In this podcast, Kushal speaks with Prasiddha Sudhakar and Parth Parihar about their recently published paper “Cyber Social Swarming Precedes Real World Riots in Leicester: How Social Media Became a Weapon for Violence”. The paper explains how Islamists used online portals to promote communal hatred coupled with outright lies and shift the blame of the entire conflict in Leicester on the Hindu community. Follow them: Twitter: @ncri_io Twitter: @prasiddhaa_ Twitter: @parthparihar Paper: #Hinduphobia #LeicesterConflict #Hinduhatred --------------------------------------------- Listen to the podcasts on: SoundCloud: Spotify: Apple Podcasts: Stitcher: ------------------------------------------------------------ Support The Cārvāka Podcast: Become a Member on YouTube: Become a Member on Patreon: Become a Member on fanmo: UPI: kushalmehra@icici To buy The Carvaka Podcast Exclusive Merch please visit: ------------------------------------------------------------ Follow Kushal: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Koo: Inquiries: Feedback:

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