Stepping In, Stepping Up and Stepping Back in Your Career with Meg Applegate


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Topics Covered

  • Meg Applegate - Award-Winning Resume Writer, Certified Personal Branding Strategist, Job Search Coach & LinkedIn Profile Writer
  • Not all career transitions are about traditional advancement - industry or job pivot, stepping back in the workforce, or promotions
  • The impact of family and a pandemic on a woman's career vs a man's
  • Ways to showcase your non-work skills on LinkedIn
  • Risks and benefits of undertaking a career break
  • The importance of repackaging your work history and non-work skills when returning to work
  • How your identity plays a role in career transitions
  • What to think about when returning to work
  • Self-imposed barriers to career advancement, especially for women
  • How to prepare for a step back from work
  • Marketing yourself to your target market and telling your career story with purpose
  • Kerri Twigg - Ep 74 - The Career Stories Method
  • How telling your career story well can impact your confidence
  • Loyalty might be holding you back from advancing in your career
  • "Listen first"

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