Real Financial Freedom with Jennifer Sahady


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Topics Covered:

  • Jennifer Sahady - Money Expert and Walking Wikipedia of Money
  • How Jennifer found her weird and created a career out of it.
  • Why financial literacy is so misunderstood
  • The difference between a financial salesperson and someone who has your best interest at heart
  • How to discern biased opinion based information vs facts
  • Why you should understand basic finance
  • What financial freedom really means
  • The main categories of personal finance
  • The concept of intentional spending
  • Understanding your unique wants and needs
  • What you should do with your first "adult" salary
  • What to consider when you get a promotion and salary increase
  • The National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation example
  • David C. Baker "Money is like a river, you just need to find a way to put your cup into it"
  • How to educate yourself about finances
  • "Your money and your time are your two biggest resources and they are often at odds with each other" Jennifer Sahady
  • "You know one thing you're good at, what else can you do?"

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