From Middle Management to the C-Suite with Mario Fasce


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Topics Covered

  • Mario Fasce - MBA Student and Digital Marketing Expert
  • What the C-Suite really is
  • The importance of strategy in a business
  • Some of the challenges c-suite executives face
  • The benefits of holding a c-suite position
  • Misconceptions about the c-suite
  • The key skills that take someone from middle management to the c-suite
  • Personality traits and soft skills that show up more in c-suite executives
  • Can you be a leader or an executor of change if you're really specialized?
  • How to move from middle management to the c-suite
  • The ways to learn the c-suite skills and be successful
  • How to prepare yourself for the c-suite early in your career
  • The importance of asking questions
  • "try things that you think are going to make you happy"

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