Embracing Your Weird at Work with Sophie Lemieux


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Topics Covered

  • Sophie Lemieux - HR Consultant
  • What taking your place at work and embracing your weird means
  • What are the key factors in taking your place?
  • The challenges with putting yourself out there
  • How your work environment can impact your imposter syndrome
  • Why companies seek out insecure overachievers and how to avoid being one
  • The importance of understanding your self-worth and setting boundaries
  • What you can learn from working directly with senior leaders
  • How to better establish yourself in a new company and embrace your weird
  • How to re-establish yourself in your current organization
  • The value in being fearless and the importance of asking
  • What is neurodiversity? (around 34:00)
  • Ways employers can be more attuned to neurodiverse candidates and employees
  • Whether or not to bring neurodiversity and accommodations up in an interview
  • Tips for neurodiverse job seekers and employees in the workplace
  • "Don't be afraid to say that you don't know something" & "Set boundaries"

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