Building a Personal Brand from Scratch with Brad Minton


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Topics Covered:

  • Brad Minton - Career Coach & Certified Resume Writer
  • How Brad's central mission helped create his career
  • What a personal brand is and how it's tied to your reputation
  • You have a brand whether you acknowledge it or not
  • Building your authentic impact story
  • The importance of understanding your "why"
  • Using your personal brand in a job search or established career
  • Shifting mindset around showing yourself in your job search
  • The story of Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • How Brad built his own brand
  • Confidence vs cockiness in your personal/professional brand
  • Common myths of building your personal or professional brand
  • Social media's impact on your brand
  • How to start your brand from scratch and uncover the facets of your unique brand
  • Brad Minton's "STAR" method of brand building
  • "Get comfortable being uncomfortable"

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