utah arts collective pandemic wins, art studio update and a redpill on great & spacious buildings


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isn’t hindsight 20-20? or just 2020 lol?! now that we’ve had time to look back over the past 2 years since the pandemic began, it’s easy to see things we would have liked to have done better or perhaps we feel guilty about our choices. no judgment here, everyone made choices they felt was best at the time and i know that no matter what there was a lot of learning that came from those choices. instead, this is a time to celebrate a big part of our community and family life: anneclaire’s dance studio. hear all about their wisdom and big wins during the pandemic and how that overall vibe and vision continues to permeate at the studio, at competitions, at performances, in our homes, community and i couldn’t be more grateful. this week i’ll also share a redpill about great & spacious buildings…what are they? can they look different for us individually? how can our acknowledgement of them help us to progress and become our best selves?

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