mini circle landscapes of favorite places, is social media eating up all our creating time? and a zev zelenko redpill


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episode 200!!! four 4” mini circle landscapes of italy & france are now available on my website. listen to the songs that i named each piece after in my playlist at the bottom of each painting page. songs by laura pausini, paris combo, blossom dearie & pink martini. today’s artist tip & topic comes from the pie chart sketch by @dadara_art recently shared on instagram. is social media eating up your time to create art? if so, why is it happening? can we take an honest inventory of our time? what are some strategies we can implement to give ourselves more time to create? also, a dr. zev zelenko redpill.


*** latest mini circle landscapes

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@dadara_art ‘s pie chart on instagram

vladimir zev zelenko

some favorite quotes by dr. vladimir zev zelenko:

"God gives us the ability to make certain choices, so that we can develop a relationship with the eternal within."

"anxiety lives where God-consciousness is absent, so we have to fill ourselves with the spirit of God and use that and rely on him ... and that will give us the fortitude to be the David that slays this Goliath."

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