how to commission a painting from artists & the hundredth monkey effect


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if you’ve not had a chance to check out the annual art auction fundraiser for the early light institute (providing preschool scholarships for those little humans we love so much) can bid on all the artwork (created & donated by so many) till friday april 15th. @theearlylightinstitute on ig or just go to my feed @katrina.berg and start there. this episode has many mini topics for you: 1. a recommendation for a podcast episode on tools for artists on ig, 2. The first in a mini series about commissions, and 3. a red pill about “the hundredth monkey effect” and a personal connection to the idea in our home just yesterday.

click HERE to big on my auction painting, see photos of the painting, listen to "the artist's toolbox" episode on selling art on ig, to watch my segment on brooke walker's "studio 5", read about "the hundredth monkey effect"

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