first big floral in my latest series heading to my solo show, an artist tip all about tamara laporte’s life book and a red pill about our vote and is it safe?


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(***to watch the visual version of this episode, check out my youtube or spotify channels.) a bit of a studio update: you’ll see my latest large floral “our love is here to stay”, along with a peek at what the frame will look like and some detail photos. as for our artist tip for the week: i recently enjoyed suzanne redmond’s interview with mixed media artist tamara laporte, her art & mental wellness journey, and how her latest “life book 2022” is bringing 31 instructors and artists around the world together to create, find new inspiration and further develop their style and meaning in their work. this week’s red pill is all about the possibility that our vote may not be secure and some data for us to look at and decide what to do with that information. if you’ve not watched the documentary, “2000 mules” it is an absolutely fascinating and revealing 90 minutes that is causing quite a stir but also encouraging specific counties and sheriffs to look closer at the security of their absentee ballots.

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