7 Day Meditation Challenge - Introduction


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Welcome to the 7 Day Meditation Challenge Meditate today to live a better life tomorrow

If you are unsure about what Meditation entails and would like to achieve more peace and calm in your life - try my 7 Day Meditation Challenge! In this 7 day experience, I will guide you to gain the benefits of Meditation simply and efficiently so that you can invite greater peace and clarity into your life. Each day you will be given a new meditation to practice alongside daily mindful hacks that will encourage you to eliminate negative thought patterns, stress less and welcome calm and joy into your life.

You can sign up for the Challenge here; by signing up, you will receive your meditation daily in your inbox alongside tips to help you understand meditation better!


Let us get everyone involved; I invite you to share this Challenge with two or more of your friends.

Ready to de-stress? Let's get started!


Much Love Zoe X

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