15 Buying an Off The Plan property


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There is no doubt if you’re a first home buyer you will have heard the phrase off the plan before. You might have read about people who bought a property off the plan and then three years later when it settled they’d instantly made hundreds of thousands of dollars in equity. Or you might have heard those stories where other people have bought off the plan and then the property doesn't look anything like what they expected, or horror stories where they’ve lost their deposits or worse. Like with any property strategy there can be winners and losers, but it’s fair to say that buying off the plan is one of the riskiest types of properties you can purchase.
In todays we run through all things you need to know about off the plan properties, the difference between off the plan and house and land packages, the pros and cons of off the plan properties - spoiler alert, there’s quite a few drawbacks you need to be aware of, including what you need to know about the finance risks for off the plans, because this can be pretty major.
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