Under Siege: Can Biden Bear the Onslaught?


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Joe Biden’s poll ratings have been underwater for months. What is the state of his presidency? Dorian Lynskey speaks to Dr. Thomas Gift, founding director of UCL’s Centre on US Politics, to discuss the Democrat’s tenure so far. Is a Trump rematch on the cards, and could Biden win again? And if not him, could anyone else come to his party’s rescue in 2024? Plus, what will the prospect of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade mean for the Democratic leader?

  • “If I look at the democratic field right now, I can't see a very deep bench.”
  • “If Trump does run again it becomes less of a referendum of the last 4 years, and more about who voters prefer - Trump or Biden?”
  • “There have also been factors outside of Biden's control that have contributed to his low polling numbers.”
  • “The notion of Trumpism, and what this represents, is just so strong.”


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